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The following are how to build a greenhouse and all that needs to be on site for installation to take place for a single unit and not limited to:

1 unit of 8m x 24m green house (Provided by the farmer)

  1. Clean area of 35m x 12m, flat and level
  2. 4 bags of cement
  3. 14 wheelbarrows of sharp sand
  4. 14 wheelbarrows of granite
  5. Enough water for concrete preparation and curing.
  1. At least 5 casual workers/laborers per day.
  2. Basic tools such as; spade, mattock, cutler or hoe(s).
  3. 2 ladders each 3M high (Self-standing)
  4. 1 ladder 4m high not self-standing
  5. Materials for constructing tank stand (1.5 to 2m high).
  6. Water tanks- 1,000 Liters capacity.
  7. Wood for soil sterilization (if within bacterial wilt stricken area)
  8. Manure 2.5 – 3 tons
  9. Plumber (to connect water supply)
  10. Carpenter(to Erect tank stand)
  11. 40 pieces of wooden pegs, 0.5m long.
  12. 300 meters long binding wire (for training the crop)

The kit is sold at Dizengoff mega warehouse and installation will start after all materials and equipment have been delivered to site by the client


There is no extra cost for installation, Dizengoff will cover the travel expenses of the technician and therefore clients are not expected to shoulder such expenses

All the work tools provided by Dizengoff technician remain Dizengoff property after the installation.

We can help get affordable transport for the delivery of the greenhouse Kits which the client will pay.


In case of any further clarifications please reach us on the following contacts;

Email: jccoolfarming@gmail.com Tel: 07025516315/08124949468.

Web site: www.jccoolfarming.jocempees.com

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