The Complete Steps and Guide to Starting an African Honey Business Using The Cab Hive

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November 19, 2019

The  Components of the Hive Beekeepers Starter Kit 10 CAB Hives (Latest Version of Langstroth Model for the African bee) foundation sheets for the 10 CAB hives. 1 Bee Suits (The Hive Brand) 2 pairs of gloves 1 Smoker (The Hive brand) 1 Hive tool 1 Stainless steel Extractor (Hive Brand) 1 Bee Brush (Hive brand) 1 Uncapping forks A pair of strainers for sieving extracted honey. The CAB Hive…



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December 12, 2017

  Netafim drip irrigation system is marketed by Jocempees  Nigeria Limited. Netafim is the world leader in drip irrigation systems and agricultural projects. Since 1965 Netafim has been a pioneer in drippers, dripper lines, sprinklers and micro-emitters. Jocempees Nigeria uses Netafim irrigation system to grow more crops with less resources and efficient and effective management technologies in their greenhouse and open field farming. watch out the Video on How To Install…


Dizengoff Storms Nigerian Market with Case IH Tractors to Increase Agricultural Productivity

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July 11, 2017

  Case IH enters Nigerian tractor market with strong model line-up in partnership with new exclusive distributor Dizengoff   Launch ceremony in Abuja reveals the tractors to help Nigeria achieve food self-sufficiency and become a major player in agricultural exports     Case IH has demonstrated the strength of its new entry into the Nigerian market by unveiling the tractors that will be sold and serviced by its exclusive distributor…