Jocempees Nigeria Limited Is Making Farming attractive in Nigeria through Mechanisation.

Jocempees Nigeria Limited Making Farming attractive through Mechanisation and Improved Technology

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In order to get rid of the problem of poverty, and unemployment and other problems associated with low food production in Nigeria, various measures has been introduced to combat these problems through mechanized agriculture.

The production of food in Nigeria is highly labour intensive particularly with the small farmer holders. The manual work embarked by farmers and their families is very strenuous and time consuming and in Nigeria, this is a major constraint towards achieving an increase in agricultural production. Also, the day to day labour of farming is a major contributory factor in the migration of people, particularly young people, from the rural areas to the urban in pursuit of a better life.

In Nigeria, Agricultural mechanization is the process whereby equipment, machineries and implements are utilized to boost agricultural and food production. It is the application of machineries, equipment and implements in the day to day farm activities to increase marginal output in food production and poverty eradication. Significantly high proportion of arable land is still been cultivated by hand tools, thereby making the farming profession unattractive even among young people. To achieve a significant growth in the agricultural sector and making it easy and attractive business both to families and the young people, efficient and adequate farm machineries must be deployed to farms.

Jocempees Nigeria Limited is marketing Massey Ferguson brand of tractors and  is committed to providing high-quality machinery and appropriate technology to suit all types of farming operations in Nigeria”.  Dizengoff offer other types of implement that makes farming cool. Other are ploughs, slashers, harrows, ridgers, planters, harvester etc. that ensure high productivity.  Jocempees Nigeria is truly a full-line supplier of farm equipment, providing solutions to farmers no matter what their farm size or type of operation is.

Farming is cool and production can be substantially increased through mechanisation, which is labour saving and directly increases yields. use of hard labour by farmers and their families can be substantially reduced if they have access to or use carefully selected machines and equipment. The labour invested can be used for other productive activities. Deploying the appropriate equipment to farms can also have a direct impact on yields and the area under production. Such technological interventions are commonly referred to as agricultural mechanization.

A mechanised farm with the appropriate machineries, like tractor, is able to sow 15 hectares a day, compared to if it is manually done with hoes, cutlasses and human labour- the best under a favourable condition is 1 hectare. Also, harvesting with hand tools such as cutlasses which is inefficient, leads to high losses in the harvest and post-harvest process. Whereas use of harvester will solve all these problems.

Nigeria is listed among the least countries in the world with mechanised farming. The rate of use of agricultural machinery is still below that which is considered necessary to meet the rising demand for food, as stipulated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). In other to achieve a mechanised agricultural system in Nigeria, there is an urgent need for a deliberate participation amongst government, private sector NGOs and the original tractors & equipment hiring associations.

Within mechanisation, there are lot of possibilities and technologies available for farmers to choose from. These range from choosing between the different sources of additional farm power, to selecting from the various other production enhancing mechanical technologies available.

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